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Dale Elliott is not one to sit down and take life as it comes. As a commercial pilot, business entrepreneur, award winning comedy performer and extreme sport master, Dale lives and breathes his message about overcoming adversity.

"It's not about getting back to where you were, it's about going further"

He does this all from his mobile launch pad commonly called a ‘wheelchair’.  

In 2002 Dale became a paraplegic after a freak motorbike accident broke his spine. After spending only 60 days of his planned 150 days in hospital Dale was back at work! 
Dale put his knowledge as a commercial pilot and licenced aircraft engineer to good use but realised he still had energy to burn. He needed something more, he felt an extreme desire to challenge himself again.
On the 24th of October 2008, The D became the first paraplegic in Australia & New Zealand to free fall skydive solo and land unassisted.  
Can't Walk. Can Fly.


Mogo GJX wheelchair

Mogo is proud to sponsor Dale's hardcore wheelchair requirements.