Dale has been supported by the APF in his return to skydiving.They have been great!

Dale greatly appreciates the following sponsors


Dale is Australian. Who better to supply Dale with a TalonFS rig and reserve canopy. Parachutes Australia have come to the party.


Dale wears the best in skydive jumpwear. Deepseed support Dale by making his suit part of the solution to stability issues. Fully custom,fully sick bro!



Icarus holds the world record for the fastest skydive canopy. Dale pilots an Icarus Safire2 canopy.





 Dale thanks L&B for their fantastic support. Flight performance at it's best! Dale Elliott trusts the Altitrack Digital Altimiter with his vertical navigation  The Optima keeps Dale aware of his altitudes by beeping in his ear. Essential when ripping it up in free fall! 



 Vigil II is a automatic activation device that deploys the reserve canopy in event of an emergency. The most advanced AAD on the market today.





 The skies the limit, but not for me! Don't let it be your's.