In 2010 Dale spoke to over 25,000 people including an audience of 10,200





60 or 90mins - Can't Walk. Can Fly.


When our environment places us in a difficult situation, how do you react? What can you do to turn this situation into a challenge that can then see you aim higher and achieve great results? Why miss out on opportunities because you fail to see them as such? Dale will tell his story of overcoming incredible stresses as a new paraplegic patient; He describes his battles while in hospital and his first day home as a paraplegic, the journey of IVF and the reward of a Son, and how he went on to become the first paraplegic solo skydiver in both Australia and New Zealand. In 2010 he handcycled 5000kms across Australia from Melbourne to Darwin and raised $60k for disabled children. Delegates will have both types of tears during this presentation and will be empowered to make changes straight away. Dale has adapted to his new situation, he has believed in his abilities and he has achieved wondrous results. Give your delegates the opportunity to learn from Dale.
"It’s not about getting back to where you were, it’s about going further!"
He can't walk, so what, he can fly! 


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