“Dale is inspirational, in word, and deed. He has an awesome sense of humour, and makes his point stick, without it becoming overbearing!...Awesome person, awesome speaker, can't praise the guy highly enough” Liam Dunne, Director - Deepseed NZ October 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative 

“Dale is one of the most passionate and inspirational speakers I have ever encountered.The things he has overcome, and his achievements are remarkable. Dale is gifted in his ability to communicate his motivational message in a way which keeps his audience laughing, but completely engaged. Even the most skeptical will leave with something that might just change them for the better! I highly recommend you Dale, and thank you for an enjoyable afternoon. I look forward to our paths crossing again in the future, and who knows, you might yet be able to coax me into jumping out of a plane one day!!” Dean Katzer, Commonwealth Bank, October 2011   Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative    

It's rare to find someone that provokes thought, ignites ideas, evokes passion and leaves those around them wanting a piece of the action. Dale Elliott is such a person, someone who changes the landscape he bypasses. Dale is a true difference maker and every move he makes is done with a sense of purpose and passion. Dale's legacy is already alive and felt because he makes change in the 'now' rather than waiting for an opportunity to present. A true inspiration for anyone wanting to go beyond their own limiting beliefs.” Samantha Badcock - Director, Hunter Careers October 2011


“Dale is an engaging and enlightening speaker with a phenomenal story to tell. His energy and enthusiasm for life transcends his achievements. As he says in his book "It's not about getting back to where you were, it's about going further!" Dale has certainly proved that you can go further - inspiring and witty I am delighted to recommend Dale.” Janine Hayes Chief Instructor, Aerial Skydives September 2011 


“Dale is such a high achiever, why should paraplegia slow him down.He addressed our TEC group about Goal setting and who better to do so.
A great person, terrific communicator and not just a motivator but an inspiration and example for us to get going!”
Tim Harper, Owner Pioneer Water Tanks September, 2011

“Having listened to Dale and had discussions with him I found him to be genuinely inspiring. Dale's message as a speaker provides much food for thought with resolutions out of left field. If you want someone who will give a message with a bit of comic relief then Dale will deliver that and more.” Lyn Gunter, Mayor, Murrindindi Shire Council, September, 2011 



Dale will challenge you and your team to think deeply about your companies core values and can assist you to realign them. I cannot recommend Dale highly enough for a conference presentation or workshop”. Wayne Lyons, September 2011 


Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative  


“Dale is a highly knowledgeable, dynamic and engaging speaker. We had Dale come and speak at our professional development event for the International Coach Federation (ICF). The response from our members was so positive we had Dale return to present to our group...twice!!”


Miriam Henke, Life Coach September, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative 

“Dale has an energy that you won't find anywhere else! He mentored me on public speaking about disability awareness and had fantastic ideas. Don't miss his innovative ideas and motivating energy!” Laura Overstreet, USA September, 2011
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

"Dale Elliott is an amazing individual, he exudes personality and is everything you'd want in a mentor. He offers an honest and to the point approach when it comes to critiquing ones goals and this results in greatest results. Since working with him, my perspectives and goals in my own career have reached new heights that I didn't think were possible. I am glad that through meeting him I've not only gained a mentor, but also, a life long friend who will continue to help me excel in my career aspirations.” Marco Pasqua,Vancouver, September 23, 2011    


Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert 

“If you're looking for inspiration in your life, Dale will provide a wonderful outlook on how to face challenges with his fantastic positive attitude. His enthusiasm is infectious!” Barry Davis, Director, Hyde Park Press September, 2011

“We have now had Dale present workshops to two of our CEO Syndicates - on each occasion these workshops were extremely highly rated by members - Dale is inspirational, practical and challenging in his approach and leaves his workshop participants with a real sense of practical personal and commercial motivation” Jeremy Harris,September, 2011    

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative  

Dale is an impassioned and articulate speaker with a powerful message and the ability to engage everyone from the cynical to the sceptical. With so many professional speakers now "on the circuit" Dale stands out as a voice of integrity, resilience and inspiration. He lives his message.  University of South Australia 

Thank you Dale for your expertise in bringing the night together so successfully and dealing with the unexpected in such a masterful way. We have had many positive comments from “MC was fantastic” to “MC was just great. His obvious’ can do’ attitude was good for me to see”. Your direction and insight proved very helpful and it was a relief to know we were in good hands."  ISBEC Biz-Women Committee 

 "Dale was brilliant.I’ve had countless staff and students go out of their way to comment on how inspirational they found him. His ability to use humour and his own courageous journey to highlight issues in the community make him an entertaining yet thought-provoking speaker."
University of Adelaide

Dale spent 45 minutes with our Year 10 students inspiring them to achieve their personal best. He interacted effortlessly with the students and they very much enjoyed his presentation. He was entertaining and informative!                                                                                    PultneyGrammer High School    

"Thank you so much Dale for speaking at our annual dinner. Your story was delivered with such humor, understanding and courage. It was a wonderful and inspirational way to bring the year to an end. Being university students, we are so regularly bombarded with lectures and tutorials but your story took the learning out of the classroom and gave us all an insight into the human face and experience of the cases we are studying. The feedback from students was passionately positive and the fact that people were still trying to talk with you at 1am in the car park was testimony to the impact you had. We hope we can make stronger links with you and your endeavors in the years to come so that generations of rural health students can learn from your story."

The 2008 Flinders University Rural Health Society Executive                                                              

Dale was an important part of a team of three speakers who brought a series of 5 events called Family Matters to the Eyre Peninsula in April 2008. He worked tirelessly to present an inspirational story to the audience of rural people. As we moved from town to town over five nights, Dale encouraged, enthused and problem solved on the run with various areas including sound systems, advertising and feedback for participants. As well as sharing his story of triumph over circumstances, Dale shared his expertise in public speaking, presentation and engaging the media with other team members.

As a ‘boy from the bush’ he connected with country and city people alike and was willing to share his expertise with community members by offering workshops along the way. We were amazed at his energy and team skills. Thanks Dale!!!
Central Eyre Peninsula Care Service 

 "Dale Elliott presents in a relaxed and entertaining way a tragedy which became "one of life's little hurdles".  He captured the audience's attention from his first words and kept them captivated.  Dale is an inspiration to everyone who takes the time to listen to him.  And Listen to him you should.The North Eastern netball association recently had the pleasure of listening to the events of Dale Elliott's life which lead him to being unable to walk and bound to a wheelchair.  He is an inspiration on dealing with the hardships of life and looking at what positives are around us.  This was not about wheel chairs but about being positive and looking foward.  Well worth inviting him along"

Sonya Baum
President NENA  

Dale is an impassioned and articulate speaker with a powerful message and the ability to engage everyone from the cynical to the sceptical. With so many professional speakers now "on the circuit" Dale stands out as a voice of integrity, resilience and inspiration. He lives his message.Thank you again Dale. You are a star.

Sharon Mascall
Lecturer – School of Journalism – Uni SA